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Medium temperature shift catalyst

TOPSOE™’s medium temperature shift catalysts LK-813 and LK-819 are used for the conversion of carbon monoxide at temperatures ranging from 190 to 330ºC. 


TOPSOE™’s MTS catalysts have specifically been developed to cover a wide range of operating conditions: TOPSOE™ MTS catalysts may be used as a replacement for the standard high-temperature shift catalyst in ammonia and hydrogen plants operating at low steam to carbon ratios. In ammonia plants, the MTS catalyst will typically be followed by a low-temperature shift catalyst where the CO content is further reduced.
In new hydrogen plants, the MTS catalysts may replace both the high and low-temperature shift catalysts in which case the MTS exit gas is directly sent to a PSA unit.

Catalyst loading scheme and characteristics

The standard MTS loading is a triple-decker/”sandwich” loading:

Top layer:LSK-2
Middle layer: LK-813
Bottom layer:  LK-819

The top layer of LSK-2 protects the middle layer of LK-813 from chlorine poisoning apart from having the advantage of being resistant against water droplets.

  • At the low temperatures in the top of the bed, the LK-813 has a higher activity than LK-819
  • It has a higher sulfur capacity than LK-819 and thus gives a better protection in case sulfur should enter the system

In the hot bottom part, the more thermo-stable LK-819 is installed.