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Adiabatic reactor bottom support grid

Increase your profitability with TOPSOE™’s support grid to obtain a lower pressure drop in your adiabatic reactors such as the high, medium, low-temperature shift or the methanator.
Achieve a pressure drop which is up to 50% lower. Worldwide, more than 20 reactors already have this technology installed, will your reactor be next?

TOPSOE™’s catalyst support grid is optimized with respect to pressure drop and can therefore reduce your operating costs substantially by decreasing energy consumption and increasing production. The grid is very easy and fast to install and
you will obtain significant savings in the support material. With a manufacturing time as low as 6 weeks, you cannot afford to wait.


• Low pressure drop
• Support materials savings
• Easy installation

Lower pressure drop

The support grid is uniquely designed to minimize the pressure drop at the reactor outlet system. A pressure drop reduction of up to 50% over the reactor can be achieved compared to traditional support grids. The lower pressure drop can either be used for energy savings or to increase the production capacity.

Support materials savings

Significant savings in the amount of support material required can be attained by installing the TOPSOE™ support grid. In addition to the direct support materials cost savings, it will also reduce the workload and downtime associated with the unloading and loading of the reactors. The payback time for the TOPSOE™ bottom support grid is normally only a few months.

Easy installation

The bottom support grid will be tailor-made for your reactor. The design has been optimized for fast and easy installation through the existing manway. There is no need for approval by the local pressure vessel authorities as no welding is required. No packing rope or insulation is needed to seal the grid and it can easily be retrofitted to existing vessels. The typical installation time is in the range of 48 hours for 2 reactors.


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