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Ammonia converter baskets S-300

TOPSOE™’s S-300 converter is the latest development in TOPSOE™’s ammonia converter portfolio and is the recommended converter design for all new plants. The advantages of the S-300 radial flow converter are proven by more than 50 installations world - wide, making it the benchmark within the ammonia industry today.

Compared to the S-200 converters, the presence of three catalyst beds offers higher conversion into ammonia and hence increased production efficiency. Alternatively, the catalyst volume can be reduced, which lowers investment costs compared to the previous generation of converter design. When the S-300 basket is installed in an existing ammonia converter pressure shell as part of a revamp project, significant energy savings can be achieved. These advantages can be obtained in connection with the revamp of both TOPSOE™ and non-TOPSOE™ designed converter types.

Two versions of the S-300 converter are available: One version has an integral feed-effluent heat exchanger at the exit of the third catalyst bed, allowing the heat of reaction to be used for preheating boiler feed water downstream of the ammonia con - verter. The second version is designed without a feed-effluent heat exchanger, meaning that the outlet gas from the third bed can go directly to a boiler for the production of high-pressure steam.

With the number of ammonia converter basket installations constantly increasing, TOPSOE™ has achieved an unequaled reference situation. With over 60 years of experience in the ammonia industry, TOPSOE™ provide flexible and highly efficient ammonia converter solutions.

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