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Ammonia electrical heater

TOPSOE™’s electrical start-up heater is uniquely developed to provide ammonia plants with a safe, quick and efficient solution to the start-up and recommended with all TOPSOE™ converter designs for all new plants and revamps. The advantages of electrical start-up heater are proven by more than 30 installations worldwide, is a benchmark within the ammonia industry today.

Compared to conventional gas-fired heaters, TOPSOE™ electrical heater offers compact, safe, remotely controlled and quick start-up of ammonia plant.

There are two versions of electrical heaters: The first version has a hairpin type arrangement, located inside the converter, allowing the heater duty to be 50% smaller than the external heater duty. The second version is designed as solenoid type and located near the converter in its own pressure shell, and has extremely compact design compared to traditional fired heaters. Both the versions are developed to be embedded with all converter types; S-50, S-200, S-300.


  • Reduced installation cost – Extremely compact; requires 2 to 3 times less space than traditional gas fired heaters. Internal heaters are located inside converters, reduces the cost of structure, hot piping and pressure shell.
  • Safety – Made for hazardous area with pressurized terminal boxes, with no explosion hazard. 
  • Availability – Immediately available on demand. No check and maintenance procedures before start-up. Sectionalized and thereby protected against complete failure. 
  • Protection – Intrinsic overheat protection and electrical protections.
  • Operation – Easy operation by remote control or directly via HMI with many steps by thyristor control panel from 10 to 100% power range.
  • Maintenance – Low maintenance costs – Long life; TOPSOE™ heaters have been successfully operating globally for more than 50 years.

Electrical-heater_600x300With over 60 years of experience in the ammonia industry, TOPSOE™ provides reliable, safe and highly efficient ammonia start-up heater solutions.

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