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Catalyst bed support structure

Rampart™ catalyst bed support system

The catalyst bed support in an autothermal or secondary reformer serves both as structural support for the catalyst bed and as an outlet flow distributor guiding the syngas from the catalyst bed into the transfer line to the waste heat recovery system downstream the reformer.

The bottom support dome needs to have sufficient strength to bear the weight of the tiles, catalysts and inerts, but the more space that the support system takes up, the less space remains for the combustion chamber and the catalyst bed. With this in mind, TOPSOE™ has developed the patented Rampart™ bottom support system, which utilizes an innovative design for better distribution of the forces affecting the support system. The result is a strong and reliable bottom support system, which takes up the same or less space than conventional support systems, and which minimizes operational risks and the need for maintenance.

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