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FreeBurn™ for secondary reformers

The patented FreeBurn™ is a new generation of secondary reformer burners and provide our customers in the ammonia industry optimized performance in their plants and improved business economics. This new burner gives a perfectly homogeneous admission of the process air and ensures a gas mixture which is uniform in both temperature and composition. The FreeBurn™ is designed to achieve this performance at very low air pressure drop compared to traditional burners in the market.

The FreeBurn™ is ideally suited for revamping ammonia plants both for capacity increase and energy savings as the low pressure drop is tantamount to energy savings for process air compression. If the process air compressor is a bottleneck limiting the plant capacity, the FreeBurn™ will furthermore enable plants to increase production.

As a result of the good mixing achieved with the FreeBurn™, the conversion of methane will remain over a long operating period. In combination with TOPSOE™’s optimal catalyst loading scheme, no or very minor catalyst pressure drop increase will be experienced and a very long and stable runtime is ensured for the secondary reformer.

Changing to the patented FreeBurn™ is quick and does normally require little mechanical work only – a task which can be accomplished within 1 to 2 shifts.

Customer benefits

  • Energy savings for process air compression
  • Additional production if the process air compressor is limiting capacity – all year or during the hot season
  • Stable high conversion at the exit of the secondary reformer
  • Low pressure drop build-up in the catalyst bed
  • Long catalyst lifetime
  • Easy switch from a conventional burner
  • Short pay-back time

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