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Increase capacity, efficiency or even feedstock flexibility with the most trusted supplier of ammonia solutions

Producing ammonia at the lowest cost per ton is a challenge many industries face every day. With almost 80 years of experience in ammonia, our industry-leading solutions ensure reliable and safe operation with the lowest possible energy consumption and the lowest possible emissions. From new plants to revamps, our expert services can help increase capacity, efficiency or even feedstock flexibility, creating the foundation for optimal day-to-day operation and long-term success.

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SynCOR Ammonia™ - a new generation of ammonia plants with an unprecedented economy of scale

Our SynCOR Ammonia™ plant concept offers the ammonia industry an opportunity to produce ammonia in a smarter, safer and more profitable way – with significantly reduced environmental impact.  SynCOR Ammonia™ utilizes stand-alone autothermal reforming for the production of syngas instead of conventional tubular reforming. The technology brings significant benefits in large-scale applications, most notably an extremely low steam-to-carbon ratio of 0.6 and potential for single-train capacities exceeding 6,000 MTPD. This enables ammonia and urea producers to gain unprecedented economy of scale that cannot be achieved with conventional technology. You can read more about SynCOR Ammonia™ here.

Integrated processes and multiple end products

When market opportunities or challenges call for product diversification, you’d want as a plant owner to be looking at integrated process solutions that can give you the flexibility you need to get ahead and stay there. Diversifying your product mix is an important strategic decision to gain added value, no matter if you are a new or an existing producer.

Plant owners who require flexibility benefit from our integrated process designs that can produce multiple end products. Depending on the quantities and flexibility required, we offer the IMAP™ portfolio of solutions (Integrated Methanol and Ammonia Production) or the SynCOR Plus™ solution.

Our integrated process solutions enable any facility to produce multiple products without the often prohibitive cost of installing and operating a second plant, and they give you unprecedented agility, protection from market fluctuations and profit-making potential. Read more about our co-production portfolio here.

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