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High plant availability conversion, carbon and energy efficiency


Growing demand for methanol is driving today’s producers to seek the greater yields and economies of scale that only larger methanol plants can provide. As a result, 10,000 MTPD plant designs will likely soon be the new industry benchmark for large scale methanol plant capacities.

Topsoe designed methanol production plants combine advanced syngas generation technologies, stat-of-the-art methanol synthesis, high-activity methanol synthesis catalysts and comprehensive expert services. They are designed specifically to help you maximize yields and drive down costs. 

The descriptions below explain each of our methanol process technologies, which are all customized to meet your plant’s individual requirements.

SynCOR Methanol™

Ideal for mega-scale producers, our SynCOR Methanol™ technology is the most cost-efficient methanol solution available anywhere.

SynCOR™ relies on our fully automated SynCOR™ syngas generator, which handles oxygen reforming at a uniquely low steam-to-carbon ratio.

Add in ultra-efficient methanol synthesis, and you get high availability, low environmental impact, and rock-bottom capital and operating expenses. In fact, SynCOR Methanol™ offers the lowest total cost of ownership of any comparable technology on the market.

SynCOR Methanol™ process technology accommodates single-train capacities as low as 500 MTPD and as high as 10,000 MTPD.

The main benefits of a SynCOR Methanol™ plant include:

  • Cost-effective
  • Enables giga capacities
  • Superior economies of scale 
  • Energy-efficient
  • Easy and reliable automated operation
  • Guaranteed peace of mind
  • Low CO2 footprint
  • Low water consumption
  • Low emissions
  • Long runtime

To learn more about what SynCOR™ can do for your business, watch the “SynCOR™ – Step up your business” video below

See a diagram of the SynCOR Methanol™ process

Two-step methanol plant

Ideal for medium- to large-scale capacities with an optimal capacity range of 1000 to 5500 MTPD, Topsoe’s two-step methanol plant combines our efficient, easy-to-operate side-fired tubular SMR design with oxygen-fired autothermal reforming.

Our two-step methanol designs are the most cost-effective and offer several proven benefits:

See a diagram of Topsoe’s steam-reformer-based methanol process

One-step methanol plant

Ideal for small to medium size plant capacities and/or feedstocks with high CO2 content, Topsoe’s one-step methanol plant relies exclusively on our efficient, reliable and easy-to-operate side-fired reforming design for generating hydrogen-rich syngas.

With an optimal capacity range of 500–2,500 MTPD, Topsoe’s one-step methanol plants provide the following benefits:

  • Operational flexibility
  • High plant availability
  • Lower risk of unplanned shutdowns
  • Long runtime
  • Easy and reliable operation

See a diagram of this process

Adiabatic performing

Adiabatic pre-reforming helps you maximize efficiency and boost reforming capacity using waste heat. Built in to every methanol process we design, our pre-reforming technology relies on the Topsoe AR-series catalyst. This catalyst ensures operational flexibility, safety and lower energy consumption, all thanks to exceptional resistance to carbon formation and the proven ability to operate with a steam-to-carbon ratio below 0.6.

Small scale

Some plants need to produce very small quantities of methanol. To meet this need, we have developed a solution for capacities from 1,000 MTPD down to as low as 100 MTPD. 

A recent addition to our small-scale offering is the fully modular MeOH-To-Go™ plant. MeOH-To-Go™ is a one-step process that uses our HTCR convection reformer instead of a traditional tubular reformer.

Topsoe’s small-scale methanol technologies offer a range of benefits, including:

  • Capacities down to 100 MTPD
  • Modelized design that shortens the time from decision to first production
  • Modelized design for truck transportation enabling remote site operation
  • Robustness process
  • Meet on-demand requirements

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SynCOR™ – Step up your business
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