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HTZR™ target tiles

TOPSOE™’s SynCOR™ unit incorporates a floor of zirconium-based ceramic target tiles, HTZR™, as an integral part of the reactor design. The purpose of the HTZR™ target tiles is to:

  • Act as the partition between the combustion chamber and the catalyst bed
  • Protect the catalyst from any direct impact from the open flame in the combustion chamber
  • Hold down the catalyst and keep it in place during operation

The main benefits of the HTZR™ target tiles are:

  • Increased lifetime of the tile floor
  • Reduced rate of degradation and wear of the individual tiles
  • Reduced material deposition in the catalyst bed
  • Longer runtime between catalyst skimmings with low and permissible levels of pressure drop over the catalyst bed
  • Reduced risk of any critical disintegration of the tile floor

Using TOPSOE™’s HTZR™ target tiles is an industrially proven solution in several units. It provides evidence that it limits material deposition in the catalyst bed, it limits build-up of pressure drop and it ensures longer lifetime and stable operation 

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