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Reactor refractory lining

The SynCOR™ pressure shell is manufactured from low-alloy steel. It is protected against the extremely harsh operating conditions in the combustion chamber by an internal lining of a multi-layer refractory. The lining is exposed to extremely high temperature and radiation intensity from the combustion flame. The refractory layer is constructed from high density and high purity alumina materials due to their outstanding thermal stability.

Refractory linings are designed to keep the risk of gas penetration during operation at an absolute minimum, because it results in a number of benefits:

  • It maximizes the reliability and availability of the reactor
  • It ensures safe operation with low temperatures on the pressure shell
  • It enables the longest possible lifetime of the lining

To be able to get those benefits is highly dependent on the refractory lining’s quality and ability to ensure:

  • Thermal insulation and protection of the pressure shell from the process environment
  • Proper movement and distribution of the expansion of the materials during thermal cycling
  • Chemical stability of the refractory materials
  • No premature wear or accelerated degradation caused by thermal shocks or unforeseen structural forces

Based on many years of industrial operation with one-step autothermal reformers operating at a low S/C ratio of 0.6, TOPSOE™ is the leading knowledge hub within the field of refractory for such reactors. Equally important is design, engineering, materials, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance, and our knowhow ensures customers the highest possible reliability and availability in their operations during the whole lifecycle of the refractory lining.

TOPSOE™ scope of supply:

  • Design & engineering
  • Quality control in workshop
  • Delivery on site
  • Detailed installation instruction
  • Refractory installation and site supervision
  • Field inspection, analysis, and evaluation of refractory lining during turnarounds

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