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Sulfuric acid cooling System

The acid cooling system of WSA and SNOX™

The acid cooling system of WSA and SNOX™ plants performs a two-step cooling of the hot product sulfuric acid from the WSA condenser. First, the hot acid is quenched with cold acid, before going to a pump reservoir. Then the acid is pumped through the acid cooler, and from there the acid stream is split between quench acid and product acid going to the storage facilities.

All acid piping is internally protected with PTFE lining. The acid pumps are of the centrifugal type. The impellers are made of fluoropolymer and the casing of fluoropolymer-lined carbon steel. The acid cooler is a high-alloy plate heat exchanger.

Sulfuric acid cooling systems are supplied only in connection with WSA or SNOX™ plant technology.