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Making optimal performance possible

Waste heat boiler (SNG)

The heat released in the methanation steps in the substitute natural gas (SNG) plants are recovered by high-pressure steam production in a number of waste heat boilers (WHB). The steam is further superheated in Steam Superheaters (SSH) to support utilization in steam turbines.

The WHB for SNG is designed and built based on TOPSOE™’s extensive experience with delivery of large process gas waste heat boilers for synthesis production (+link to Waste Heat Boiler (Syngas)). As the WHB for SNG requires process gas temperature control, the design will in each case have to be custom-made, involving advanced Finite Element Analysis to verify pressure vessel code compliance.


  • Optimal heat recovery will be achieved with WHB and SSH in combination
  • Temperature control of WHB ensuring safe and uniform process gas temperatures into SSH
  • Reliable design meeting international and local codes and regulations
  • Thermal and mechanical design based on proven and well-referenced principles
  • Strict manufacturing requirements and quality control ensures a highly reliable boiler with a long life time