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Accelerate your profitability by turning landfill gas LFG into premium renewable natural gas RNG

GECCO™ gas processing solutions

Are you capturing the full value of your landfill gas? Are maintenance costs too high due to siloxanes or sulfur? Do you worry about your LFG power plant shutting down when your existing air permit expires?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, we have a solution: GECCO™ gas processing solutions.

We can design and install a gas processing facility optimized to your business objectives. GECCO™ plants refine raw LFG or digester gas into pipeline-quality high BTU gas or high-quality fuel gas. Alternatively, we can deliver a back-end GECCO™ solution to enable DeNOx from LFG-based power production.

World leadership

The heart of our GECCO™ solutions are TOPSOE™’s expertise, process design capabilities and catalyst technologies. Our solutions are deployed in chemical plants, refineries, power plants and industrial off gas clean up worldwide, delivering optimal performance to you.

The advantages of selecting us as your gas processing solutions provider include:

  • A world leading technology partner capable of meeting your most complicated gas processing needs
  • A single source technology partner responsible for plant design and performance in all stages of plant lifetime
  • Access to field-proven technologies for removal of siloxane, sulfur, VOCs, carbon dioxide, oxygen and nitrogen

No cure, no pay

Our GECCO™ gas processing solutions require minimal upfront CAPEX commitment and you only pay per MMBTU on spec gas produced.