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IMAP Ammonia+™

Augment your main ammonia business with on-demand methanol production

imapammoniachartIMAP Ammonia+™ design employs our “in-line” ammonia methanol concept, where methanol synthesis is a once-through process under high pressure for maximum conversion and efficiency. The design can also accommodate our flexible skid-mounted UFC85 urea formaldehyde unit to create a fully integrated solution at fertilizer complexes. With this process design, ammonia is the main product and methanol is the co-product (up to 35%). The design is used for grassroots plants and revamps of existing plants, especially where there is local demand for small amounts of methanol, or when methanol prices are comparatively favorable. When no methanol is needed, this part of the process is simply bypassed.


  • Shared reforming section
  • In-line design and once-through process
  • High conversion and efficiency
  • Very flexible solution


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