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IMAP Urea+™

For ultimate market agility, set your plant up to produce any mix of ammonia, methanol and urea

imapureachartIMAP Urea+™ is our most flexible IMAP™ process design, and will enable you to achieve unmatched agility with a single plant by adjusting the product split in response to changing market conditions. Although intended particularly for use where methanol and urea are the primary final products, it allows for any configuration of methanol, ammonia and urea production.

IMAP Urea+™ also offers exceptional energy efficiency, with production and consumption figures matching or exceeding those of two separate standalone facilities.

Unlike the other schemes, IMAP Urea+™ uses enriched air instead of ambient air in the secondary reformer. The carbon balance is designed to accommodate both urea and methanol requirements.

An IMAP Urea+™ plant can accommodate a wide range of hydrocarbon feedstocks, including streams that contain CO2. Some or all of the ammonia produced is converted to urea by adjusting carbon dioxide levels. The design can also accommodate our flexible skid-mounted UFC85 urea formaldehyde unit to create a fully integrated solution at fertilizer complexes.


  • Any mix of methanol, ammonia and urea
  • Low CO2 emissions
  • Longer primary reformer catalyst lifetime
  • Lower investment costs than with separate plants

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