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Mild hydrocracking with integral post treatment (MHC-IPT)

Refineries are faced with the challenge that conventional once-through hydrocrackers and FCC pretreaters do not allow independent control of critical process objectives such as high diesel quality (e.g. Euro IV with strict density and cetane specifications) and low hydrocracking conversion and low hydrogen consumption. If such objectives are required, TOPSOE™ can offer you our mild hydrocracking with integral post treatment (MHC-IPT) process to achieve your divergent process objectives by using different process configurations.

In TOPSOE™’s MHC-IPT process, the MHC reaction section operates at medium pressure (60 to 100 bar g) to produce the desired FCC feed quality. The post treatment stage upgrades the heavy gas oil product from the mild hydrocracker by hydrotreating or hydrocracking to produce the desired ultra-low sulfur diesel quality.

The processing severity of the two sections is independently controlled, so that the desired FCC feed and ultra-low sulfur diesel qualities can be achieved at lower investment cost and with lower hydrogen consumption compared to a conventional mild hydrocracking unit.

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