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Catalyst Loading

All plants – even those with lots of turnaround experience – can run into trouble during loading. When a problem occurs, it can lead to longer turnarounds and, in the worst case, result in an underperforming catalyst. That makes proper loading an important step in profitable plant operation.

TOPSOE™’s Catalyst Loading service gives you valuable pre-loading and loading guidance that can help prevent issues from occurring – and solve any that do occur quickly and cost-effectively.

Take catalyst segregation. It’s the main reason for uneven flow distribution in a reactor, and it leads almost invariably to suboptimal performance. Our Catalyst Loading service can help prevent segregation, and make sure your loading proceeds smoothly and in line with our recommendations.

What’s in it for you

TOPSOE™’s Catalyst Loading service can help you:

  • Minimize costly turnaround time
  • Ensure maximum catalyst performance
  • Maximize catalyst lifetimes
  • Improve production and reduce costs