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Plant Assessment / Optimization

Refineries and chemical plants are complex and vulnerable to changes over time. These changes can degrade performance and impact negatively on day-to-day operations and, ultimately, your bottom line.

Whether you choose a catalyst performance evaluation or full-scale process and catalyst optimization, including on-site trimming, a TOPSOE™ Plant Assessment/Optimization can identify and help you solve issues standing in the way of optimal performance.

A catalyst performance evaluation will enable you to boost performance by utilizing more of your catalyst’s potential. It will also determine the optimal replacement time for each catalyst – helping you maximize catalyst lifetime while protecting against less-than-optimal performance and unforeseen shutdowns.

More involved Plant Assessment/Optimization services leverage TOPSOE™’s unique position as both catalyst supplier and technology licensor to assess and optimize your processes as well as your catalyst performance.

What’s in it for you

A Plant Assessment/Optimization can help you:

  • Boost performance by utilizing more of your catalyst’s potential
  • Generate savings by maximizing your catalyst’s lifetime
  • Protecting against suboptimal performance and unforeseen shutdowns
  • Get more value out of your investments in plant and unit equipment
  • Reduce your energy consumption
  • Trim your plant or unit for immediate production and profit improvements