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Sampling & Analysis

As a general rule, the more you know about a plant or unit’s operating conditions, the better you’ll be able to keep performance, cost-efficiency and profits high.

Our Sampling & Analysis service is your direct route to the detailed insight it takes to make better decisions. During start-ups and restarts, the service helps your lab give operators the data they need to ensure a controlled transition to normal operation. During normal operation, it helps generate data that can enable a wide range of optimization work.

Sampling & Analysis can cover everything from written guidelines for working with sampling points to on-site consultations and auditing work by TOPSOE™ experts. But the aim is always the same – to enable you to improve your processes and catalyst performance.

What’s in it for you

TOPSOE™ Sampling & Analysis can help you:

  • Choose the best lab equipment for your exact conditions and needs
  • Improve your laboratory routines and procedures
  • Generate data that will help you assess and optimize your operations
  • Benefit further from TOPSOE™’s state-of-the-art lab capabilities