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Nitrous Oxide Removal

Nitrous Oxide Removal with NShield™

Nitrous oxide (N2O) is a powerful greenhouse gas, exhibiting 265 times the potential environmental impact of CO2 and also damaging the ozone layer. For producers eager to prevent nitrous oxide from harming our planet – and their business – NShield™ is the answer.

NShield solutions convert N2O into harmless air, enabling you to achieve abatement costs far lower than normal CO2 prices while minimizing your production’s practical impact.

The catalyst’s unique monolith structure ensures low pressure drop and high efficiency, providing for combined N2O and NOx abatement in a low-cost overall solution. As such, NShield ranks amongst the most cost-efficient technologies for greenhouse-gas reductions, making it an obvious choice for decarbonization – and an ideal one, too.


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