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May 2, 2024

Topsoe announces ‘Topsoe STEM Scholarship’ initiative in Chesterfield, Virginia during Governor Youngkin’s Visit to HQ

  • Topsoe announced its plans to award five $10,000 one-year scholarships to high school seniors from Chesterfield County to pursue a major in a STEM related field.
  • The scholarship initiative was announced during Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin’s visit to Topsoe headquarters on May 1.
  • This follows the company’s April announcement about its’ plans to build a State-of-the-Art Solid Oxide Electrolyzer Cells (SOEC) facility. Pending Final Investment Decision (FID), the facility will be built in Chesterfield, Virginia.
  • The facility is expected to create at least 150 direct jobs in Virginia and 1,000+ indirect jobs through the value chain.

Topsoe, a global leader in carbon emission reduction technologies, announced its plans to award five $10,000 one-year scholarships to high school seniors from Chesterfield County high schools who are planning to pursue a major in a STEM related field.


The first scholarships, as part of the ‘Topsoe STEM Scholarship’ initiative will be awarded in the spring of 2025 for the 2025-2026 academic year to eligible students to continue their education in a STEM-related major. Further application criteria and information on the decision-making process will be announced in summer of 2024.

The announcement was made in conjunction with Governor Glenn Youngkin as part of his visit to Topsoe’s headquarters in Denmark. Governor Youngkin was hosted by Jakob Topsøe, Vice Chairman of the Topsoe Board of Directors and Chairman of Topsoe Holding A/S, Kim Hedegaard, CEO, Power-to-X, Topsoe, and Amy Chiang Chief Sustainability and External Affairs Officer at Topsoe.

This follows an announcement made earlier in April announcing Topsoe’s plans to build a State-of-the-Art Electrolyzer Factory in Chesterfield, Virginia. The cells manufactured at the factory will be used to produce clean hydrogen, which is essential for the US and global energy transition.

Pending Final Investment Decision, the factory will be Topsoe’s largest investment in the US to date. Combined with the company’s SOEC factory in Herning, Denmark, it will make Topsoe the largest SOEC manufacturer in the world.

In addition, federal tax credits from the Department of Energy under the Qualifying Advanced Energy Project Credit (48C) will support construction of Topsoe’s second Solid Oxide Electrolyzer Cell (SOEC) factory in the US. The Virginia Economic Development Partnership worked with Chesterfield County and the Greater Richmond Partnership to secure the project for Virginia. Governor Youngkin approved a $6 million grant from the Commonwealth Opportunity Fund to assist Chesterfield County with the project. The company is eligible to receive benefits from the Port of Virginia Economic and Infrastructure Development Zone Grant Program.

Governor Glenn Youngkin said:
“I am thrilled that Topsoe has chosen the Commonwealth of Virginia for its new, state-of-the-art factory that will be key to scaling clean hydrogen production. Virginia’s robust workforce, strategic location, and top business climate provide the necessary tools for Topsoe to continue to grow as a leader in the clean energy industry. I also applaud Topsoe’s commitment to the next generation of Virginians with the launch of the Topsoe STEM Scholarship program that will drive the innovation pipeline for years to come." 

Secretary of Commerce and Trade Caren Merrick said:
“Global manufacturers like Topsoe are recognizing the Virginia advantage that will enable Topsoe to continue to play a leading role in clean energy innovation. We are proud that the Commonwealth continues to attract companies like Topsoe with our strong business climate, premier location, and workforce training opportunities.”

Kim Hedegaard, CEO of Power-to-X, Topsoe said:
“We are very thankful for the strong support from the Commonwealth of Virginia. Thanks to their endorsement we can help accelerate US domestic clean energy by manufacturing SOEC, the key element to the world’s most efficient electrolyzer technology. Our collaboration with Virginia is just beginning. In addition to the economic benefits that our facility would bring to the area, we’re investing in STEM education to help the next generation of students prepare for the booming clean energy economy.”

Key element to the world’s most efficient electrolyzer technology
Electrolyzers are key for decarbonizing energy-intensive industries such as steel, mining, and long-distance transportation where direct electrification is not a viable solution. Those industries account for approximately 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Topsoe’s SOEC technology increases electrolyzer efficiency up to 30% compared to other electrolysis technologies, and thereby produces more hydrogen per total power input.

About SOEC
Topsoe’s SOEC electrolysis technology is a modular design that operates at significantly higher temperatures compared to other electrolyzer technologies – a tested and proven process that enables industrial-scale production of green hydrogen using renewable electricity.


When coupled with waste heat from downstream production (from processes producing ammonia, methanol or steel production), Topsoe’s SOEC technology will produce up to 30% more hydrogen per total power input when compared to conventional electrolyzer technologies. It further allows for the lowest levelized hydrogen cost per megawatt volume, no matter the industry.   

What is Power-to-X
Power-to-X refers to a range of technologies that convert electricity, particularly from renewable sources, into other forms of energy or products. This conversion process is primarily driven by the production of hydrogen through electrolysis – a process in which water is split into hydrogen and oxygen using electricity. The resulting hydrogen, known as green or clean hydrogen when produced using renewable electricity, can either be used directly or serve as a base reactant to produce a variety of energy carriers and fuels. By changing the form of renewable energy from electricity to molecules, it becomes better suited to decarbonizing industries that cannot be directly electrified fully and at scale.     

About Topsoe

Topsoe is a leading global provider of technology and solutions for the energy transition. We combat climate change by helping our customers and partners achieve their decarbonization and emission reduction goals.  

Based on decades of scientific research and innovation, we offer world-leading solutions for transforming renewable resources into fuels and chemicals for a sustainable world, and for efficient and low-carbon fuel production and clean air. 

We were founded in 1940 and are headquartered in Denmark, with over 2,800 employees serving customers all around the globe. To learn more, visit

For more information, please contact:

Office of the Governor
Christian Martinez

Gabriel Martinez, External Communications Manager
Phone: +45 26 46 78 94 or +1 978 902 8265

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