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December 7, 2023

Topsoe recognized for building internal AI competencies

  • Topsoe has been awarded the prize ‘This Year’s Digital Competency Boost’ by Digital Dogme for building internal AI competencies
  • The award is given to a company or organization that has taken the lead in training and upskilling its employees digitally
  • The recognition was announced at Denmark’s Digital Competences 2023 in Copenhagen.

Topsoe, a global leader in carbon emission reduction technologies, has been acknowledged for its approach to building strong digital, and more specifically AI skills, internally as part of the company’s implementation of new AI tools. 

The recognition – called This Year’s Digital Competency Boost (in Danish: Årets Digitale Kompetenceløft) – is awarded to a company or organization that has taken the lead in training and upskilling its employees, thereby making a contribution to raising Denmark's digital competences across age groups, professions and social strata.

Specifically, Topsoe has set up employee courses in AI every 14 days, and they have created a closed environment within the company, where the employees can safely try out the many new options. By giving its employees the opportunity to explore and create use-scenarios have fostered curiosity and interest in What they Can do with AI. And that has great value. 

Chief Transformation Officer in Topsoe, Morten Holm Christiansen, said:
"It is our ambition, that Topsoe is at the forefront of digital development, implementing new, innovative and business relevant tools that enable us to develop our tools with input from our users and leverage the competitive advantages that follow with strong use-cases.”

Morten Holm Christiansen elaborates:
"One of the most important principles in our approach to artificial intelligence is learning by doing. While people may read about AI, it takes hands-on experience to understand it. Therefore, we would like our employees to start using these functions, so that they gain the necessary experience. It has been a big eye-opener, because suddenly we discover a lot of new opportunities to develop our business."

Topsoe’s bottom-up approach that has fostered engagement among the employees is part of the reason for Topsoe being awarded the prize:

The panel of judges explained:
"Topsoe's approach to mobilizing and engaging the entire organization in the use of generative AI is both wise and inspiring. Topsoe has shown how companies and top management can take advantage of the possibilities of digitization, without having all the answers in advance. The company's curious approach has mobilized the employees' resources, without losing sight of the managerial and strategic anchoring."

The panel of judges consisted of:

  • André Rogaczewski, CEO director of Netcompany (chairman)
  • Lilian Mogensen, Prof. board member and advisor, formerly director, ATP and Udbetaling Danmark
  • Nana Bule, Special advisor at Goldman Sachs and chairman of the government's digitization committee
  • Louisa Loran, Head of Supply Chain & Logistics at Google
  • Henrik Lund, CEO Director of the Employment and Integration Administration, Copenhagen Municipality

About Digital Dogme
Digital Dogme is an alliance of companies that create growth, innovation and jobs in Denmark - and that increasingly need digital skills. We were founded to ensure qualified workforce for growth and development now and in the future.

About Topsoe
Topsoe is a leading global provider of technology and solutions for the energy transition. We combat climate change by helping our customers and partners achieve their decarbonization and emission reduction goals. 

Based on decades of scientific research and innovation, we offer world-leading solutions for transforming renewable resources into fuels and chemicals for a sustainable world, and for efficient and low-carbon fuel production and clean air.

We were founded in 1940 and are headquartered in Denmark, with over 2,800 employees serving customers all around the globe. To learn more, visit  

For more information, please contact:
Ulrik Frøhlke, Media Relations Manager
Phone: +45 27 77 99 68 

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