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Catalyst poison removal | Nickel and vanadium removal

Nickel and vanadium are often found in heavier hydrocarbon fractions such as vacuum gas oil (VGO), to a lesser extent in heavy coker gas oil, but particularly in deasphalted oil (DAO). When nickel and vanadium deposit on the catalyst, they deactivate the catalyst by plugging up the pore system. In general, the higher a feedstock’s distillation end-point, the higher the concentration of nickel and vanadium. This explains why the problem occurs frequently in fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) pretreaters running on heavy feedstocks.

Topsoe offers a very comprehensive portfolio of guard catalysts that effectively trap nickel and vanadium before they reach your high-activity main catalyst. Our guards deliver very high hydrodemetallization (HDM) activity and capacity, ensuring that they not only capture contaminants, but can store them throughout the cycle length.

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