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Off-gas processing | Claus tail gas treatment

Maximizing sulfur recovery from off-gases is extremely important in today’s oil and gas industry. Regulations tend to get tighter, forcing operators to constantly optimize the efficiency of their sulfur management units. Adding a tail gas treater to your Claus unit will enable you to meet the most stringent emission targets for final sulfur removal from refinery off-gases.

The feed for the tail gas unit consists mainly of nitrogen and water; however, it also contains compounds, such as SX, SO2, COS, CS2, CO H2S, and H2, which need further treatment. In a Claus tail gas treating unit, these compounds are hydrotreated and hydrolyzed to H2S and CO2. The H2S is recycled for conversion in the Claus unit, allowing for overall maximum sulfur recovery. Topsoe offers a range of tail gas treatment catalysts that allow you to reach sulfur recoveries of 99.9%

The sulfur compounds from the Claus tail gas unit can also be converted to concentrated sulfuric acid using a wet gas sulfuric acid (WSA) process.

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