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Revamping hydroprocessing units

The TOPSOE™ Approach

There are many good business reasons for considering revamping a hydroprocessing unit, for instance to react faster to fluctuations in crude oil supply and process more refractive and difficult feeds; to increase unit capacity; comply with stricter product specifications; or to profit from the rising demand for high-quality low-, ultra-low sulfur diesel and a more diversified product slate.

On the other hand, revamps are expensive. Savvy refiners rightly expect a fast and profitable payback on their investment.

That’s why our customers turn to us. We have a history of working on revamping projects that achieve excellent outcomes, precisely because we take all of these factors into consideration. Furthermore, we focus on energy efficiency and improved heat integration network and utilization of resources.   

Our best practices approach
Revamps are technically complex and require skills and knowledge which are not commonly found. TOPSOE™ applies its understanding of system behavior, catalysts, and reaction patterns to ensure revamping projects succeed. We work closely with you to deliver exactly what refineries need in terms of capital requirements, feed-stream flexibility, quality specifications, capacity, and yields.

When evaluating potential revamp solutions, TOPSOE™ proceeds systematically. We call it The TOPSOE™ Approach.

  1. We define the basis revamp design together with you. This will be the framework for your project.
  2. Our team conducts conceptual studies. In the process, we’ll study and diagnose bottlenecks in your existing unit to identify capital break points for the revamp.
  3. TOPSOE™ translates the capital breakpoints findings into feasibility studies to calculate and deliver data on product yields, consumption figures, investment, and payback time estimates. This is what you will need to determine what level of de-bottlenecking is economically justifiable.
  4. Once the feasibility study has been evaluated, TOPSOE™ delivers an overall engineering design package that includes deliverables such as:
  • Process flow diagrams (PFD)
  • Piping and instrumentation diagrams (PID) with tie-ins for modifications
  • Material selection diagrams (MSD)
  • Equipment specifications (EQD)
  • Catalyst, chemicals, utility, and flare load summaries
  • Manuals

Every customer’s project is unique. Therefore, the content of the design package is very depending on each customer’s project parameters and business objectives.

As a single-source supplier of all integrated components of the hydroprocessing unit, including catalysts, process design, reactor internals, R&D, and cost estimation, TOPSOE™ is well positioned to conduct feasibility studies. Our team’s mastery of all phases of hydroprocessing revamps ensures that the project will deliver the outcomes and cost-effective performance you expect.

As a TOPSOE™ licensee, you get a hydroprocessing unit that is:

  • Cost-effective to build and operate
  • Reliable, safe, and easy to operate
  • Optimized to individual business objectives

TOPSOE™ goes the extra mile
TOPSOE™ provides support throughout all phases of a project – from the initial idea phase to systems to solution integration and even start-up. We’ll confirm that your units meet all specifications and process requirements. And that there are no start-up delays.

TOPSOE™ always goes the extra mile. Even after the revamp is finished, you can depend on us to support ongoing optimization of your hydrotreating unit to continuously improve your operational margins.

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