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Synthetic Fuels | Renewable energy and CO2 to synthetic diesel and jet fuels


Turn renewable energy into in-demand eFuels

The world’s production of energy from renewable sources is increasing rapidly, presenting investors and government agencies with a dilemma, but also an opportunity: how to best utilize the power produced? One of the best choices is utilizing it in hard-to-abate sectors, sectors which cannot easily be decarbonized, such as in the transportation sector for synthetic fuel production. Synthetic fuels produced from renewable power and sustainable CO2 – or eFuels – presents a promising decarbonization and monetization path, specifically for the production of sustainable aviation fuels and diesel.

With Topsoe and Sasol you have access to the complete process for establishing e-jet fuel and/or e-diesel production with all the necessary fuel certification already in place. The G2L™ eFuels solution is fully integrated and opens up eFuels for business.

Furthermore, G2L™ eFuels offers a single license to build and operate a fully integrated eFuels plant.

Our fully integrated eFuels solution brings the following benefits:

Commercial opportunities

Airplanes and heavy-duty vehicles will continue to rely on liquid fuels for decades ahead, all the while new legislation favoring sustainable synthetic fuels are increasingly being implemented globally. The market for sustainable synthetic fuels is therefore set for considerable growth. The G2L™ eFuels solution gives you a product slate that can be tailored to meet market needs; from eDiesel to eJet fuel.

Increased long-term ROI

Much of the required infrastructure and fuels certification for monetizing eFuels is already in place, and legislation and mandates are being progressively implemented.

Reliable and efficient

The G2L™ eFuels solution integrates newly developed and efficient technologies, but it is fundamentally built on a proven technology solution. This means we can offer a viable roadmap for establishing eFuel production.

Partners in your success

From initial feasibility study to final operation and beyond, we implement processes to help your business and our collaboration thrive. Rely on Topsoe and Sasol's connected services to ensure your plant continues to run at peak performance. Our highly professional team are always on hand with a fast response to your enquiries.

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