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Topsoe hydrocracking

Purpose built to your objectives

Refineries are under pressure to produce higher quality transportation fuels from heavier streams and increase profit margins at the same time.

Experience shows that refineries that optimize their hydrocracking units can capture significant value. TOPSOE™ can help maximize your return on your planned investment. We tailor solutions to individual plants, taking into consideration capital and operating costs, strategies for optimizing conversion levels, safety and reliability. No matter what your challenges, we can help you to maximize yields of the products you need to increase profitability.

If, for example, your unit requires high conversion levels, TOPSOE™ licenses both single-stage and two-stage hydrocracking process solutions customized to your specific feed properties, process objectives and unit capacity.

Configuring a value adding solution
Our full conversion hydrocracking processes excel at meeting the toughest product quality specifications. Thanks to a number of innovative design features, including a novel, cost efficient heavy polynuclear aromatics (HPNA) management system, HPNA Trim™, TOPSOE™ can deliver a solution that achieves full conversion (>99%) for maximization of high value liquid products.

In addition, we offer a range of partial conversion hydrocracking processes such as “fit-for purpose” once-through hydrocracking, staged partial conversion (SPC) hydrocracking, mild hydrocracking with integral post treatment (MHC-IPT), and backend shift (BES).

TOPSOE™’s hydrocracking experience, detailed reactor engineering capabilities, high performance reactor internals and extensive catalyst portfolio are key elements in the licensing and optimization of hydrocracking units with respect to product yield structure, product properties and on-stream efficiency.

TOPSOE™ support
TOPSOE™ assists you throughout your hydrocracker project - from initial concepts and feasibility studies to design, construction, plant commissioning and operations. In the early project phase, we’ll also guide you on catalyst and process selections, with a view to maximizing overall project feasibility.

After the basic engineering phase, we participate in safety hazard review meetings, review critical documentation from the EPC contractor, and participate in inspections of critical equipment and plant elements to ensure that the units meet specifications and process requirements. This is your guarantee for a safe and smooth start-up without costly delays.

After start-up we support our licensees with ongoing optimization of the hydrocracking unit to continuously improve your hydrocracker margins.

Optimized to your objectives
Our solutions are always optimized to your objectives and tailored to your feedstock, conversion goals, the desired capacity of the unit, as well as targeted capital and operating costs. Our basic engineering design packages are flexible and range from basic packages, to extended engineering design packages according to the needs of you and your other project partners.

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