Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) pretreatment

One solution – unlimited flexibility

Topsoe’s FCC pretreatment technology has the flexibility to treat a wide spectrum of feedstocks – from gas oils, heavy-vacuum gas oils, and coker streams to residuals.  

Based on your specific needs, Topsoe’s FCC pretreatment technology can be tailored to optimize your refining capabilities. No matter what your objectives – be it deep desulfurization to meet gasoline-sulfur specifications or denitrogenation and metals removal to maximize FCC catalyst activity without suffering loss in octane – our advanced technology is ready to handle the challenge. It can even tackle Conradson carbon reduction and the saturation of polyaromatics to maximize gasoline yields.

Topsoe has extensive experience with revamping moderate to low-pressure units for deep desulfurization. This solution will enable your plant to directly blend gasoline produced from the FCC while meeting low-sulfur (less than 15 ppm) gasoline specifications.

Another option is Topsoe’s Aroshift™. This process maximizes the conversion of polyaromatics, which can be equilibrium-limited at high operating temperatures. The Aroshift™ process increases FCC conversion, gasoline yield, and C3/C4 olefins while reducing the amount of light and heavy cycle oil.

Get the best out of your unit
Getting the best out of a FCC pretreatment unit requires a deep understanding of your process objectives and understanding of the hardware, catalysts, and processes involved. This is why Topsoe promises to take a deep dive into your operations before we tailor a solution that will help you achieve your business goals.

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