Chemical compliance

Chemical compliance

Topsoe ensures that all its imported chemicals and finished products are developed, maintained and documented in compliance with applicable international and national regulations and requirements.

EU’s REACH regulation

Topsoe complies fully with the EU REACH regulation, which stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals.

REACH places responsibility on the industry to manage the human and environmental risks from chemicals and to provide safety information on the substances used. As part of Topsoe’s compliance and sustainability efforts, Topsoe is fully committed to the REACH regulation’s aim of ensuring a high level of protection for human health and the environment. As an importer and manufacturer of chemical substances, Topsoe confirms to have complied with applicable deadlines for registration, in due time and as appropriate.

To ensure ongoing compliance, Topsoe monitors the development of new requirements as well as our use and manufacturing of substances. We take appropriate action as per the REACH requirements if need be.

Customer’s access to Safety Data Sheets

If you are a customer of Topsoe and need access to a specific Safety Data Sheet (SDS), for products bought from  Topsoe, please visit our product pages, where you can identify the product and enquire for the SDS.

Supplier’s obligations

In order for Topsoe to comply with REACH, we rely on our suppliers when procuring substances and other raw material. The implemented systems and procedures are used for validating the upstream supply chain’s registration of all chemicals. A process which ensures that our manufacturing process is fully compliant. Read more about our supply chain management

Our participation in Networks and Associations

 Topsoe aims to deliver innovative catalytic solutions to address key global challenges and relies on several substances, to which there are no alternative. We strive to maintain a high chemical compliance level, and we see and value synergies by participating in various associations and networks, which also relates to REACH. Topsoe is a member of:

  • Catalyst Europe, which is a sector group under the umbrella of CEFIC, the European Chemical Industry Council, accounting for approximately 16% of the world’s chemical production.
  • Several REACH Consortia, each representing strategical important substances for our products. REACH requires that manufacturers/importers of the same substance cooperate jointly in preparing the submission of a registration dossier.
  • American Chemical Council (ACC Topsoe also benefit from its membership of ACC in relation to legislation and sustainable development.

For more information on chemical compliance at Topsoe please contact our expert team in Global Regulatory Affairs: