Supply chain

Supply chain

We pursue a responsible and balanced approach to our supply base and seek to integrate commercial, risk and qualityaspects as well as social, environmental and ethical responsibility.

To create the best foundation for building strong business ties and long-standing relationships with our suppliers, we expect  our suppliers to commit to our standard of responsible business conduct. Crucial to this is Topsoe's Supplier Code of Conduct, which outlines what we expect from our suppliers when it comes to human rights and labor standards, health and safety, environment and climate, as well as ethics and integrity.

Topsoe ensures that all its imported chemicals and finished products are developed, maintained, and documented in compliance with applicable international and national regulations and requirements - read more about chemical compliance.

Procurement policy

Our procurement policy guides our choices to ensure that we get the right value from our suppliers. Furthermore, it gives direction and ensures that Topsoe’s approach is compliant and responsible while being effective, transparent, competitive, and standardized.

Conflict minerals policy

Topsoe is committed to the responsible sourcing of conflict minerals (tin, tungsten, tantalum, and gold – generally referred to as 3TG) in our supply chain, and to comply with applicable requirements, such as the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 as well as the upcoming EU Conflict Mineral Regulation (EU Regulation 2017 / 821).

To the extent Topsoe purchases materials from our suppliers, that contain 3TG minerals, Topsoe is requiring that our suppliers inform us regarding the origin of such minerals and declare that they adhere to business standards for smelters and importers, specifically the Responsible Minerals Initiative (formerly CFSI), and comply with applicable regulations.

Topsoe will use best efforts not to acquire any raw materials that Topsoe has reasons to believe originate from conflict-affected areas unless such materials are certified as conflict-free.

Topsoe commits to:

  • Adopt conflict minerals procedures with detailed actions to ensure Topsoe’s compliance with the commitment stated above
  • Identify all Topsoe catalysts impacted by 3TG
  • Not buy raw materials containing conflict minerals originating from conflict mines
  • Work with our suppliers to ensure that 3TG contained in the products and materials supplied to Topsoe originate from conflict-free sources
  • Maintain records of the documentation of compliance of our suppliers

In addition, we are committed to engaging with our customers regarding their disclosure obligations. Topsoe will respond to customer inquiries as to whether the products purchased contain 3TG.

While Topsoe’s manufacture of the certain catalyst requires 3TG for the product’s functionality, Topsoe’s sustainability policy, which includes respecting human rights, mandates that Topsoe does not take part in any activities or purchase any supplies which involve a conflict affecting human rights in conflict-affected areas. Consistent with that mandate, Topsoe has no direct sourcing activities in conflict-affected areas.