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Decarbonizing the hard-to-abate sectors is essential if we are to meet global climate goals.

However, transition in sectors such as heavy industry and long-haul transportation is complex as they require an energy-dense fuel source. Making direct electrification nonviable. Low-carbon energy-dense fuel sources will be key to unlocking a decarbonized future.

Hydrogen carrying. Energy dense 

With nine times the energy density of Li-ion batteries, ammonia is a carbon-free high energy density fuel, ready to be used directly. And a major upside to ammonia is that it can be liquefied and stored for long periods at modest pressure. Making it ideal for transportation and distribution, even over longer distances.

Advantages of ammonia as a fuel source:

  • Highest hydrogen content per unit volume
  • Easy to liquefy
  • Stored at atmospheric pressure
  • Production and distribution infrastructure in place

Making a big splash in maritime

Blue ammonia will be central in decarbonizing sectors like the maritime. Shipping vessels emit roughly 940 million tons of CO2 globally, nearly 3% of the total energy-related CO2 emissions annually.  The need for a more sustainable fuel source is evident.

Ammonia is an attractive marine fuel option in both the transition phase towards a more sustainable shipping industry and as a long-term solution at scale.

Pre-existing transport networks and ports equipped with ammonia terminals make distribution a non-issue. And with plans to implement ammonia engines by 2026, ammonia looks to be an excellent starting point fuel.

Hello ammonia. Goodbye coal. 

With coal emissions at an all-time high, thermal power plants and nations alike are turning to co-firing alternatives to reduce emissions. Japan plans to triple its annual ammonia consumption to 3-5 million metric tons (t) by 2030 and 30 million tons by 2050.

The market for co-firing ammonia or low-carbon hydrogen is rapidly increasing.

Blue ammonia is ready to clean up coal-fired power plants as the world switches to low-carbon electricity. Sights are set on co-firing 20%, with the aim to widen this figure by 2030.

In 2021, coal emissions stood at an all-time high of 15.3 Gt CO2

The pathway blue with Topsoe  

Decarbonize at scale

Take the ultra-low route to emission targets with industry-leading carbon capture technology.

Improve profitability

Blend the highest return on decarbonized ammonia production with the lowest levelized cost.

Diversify with certainty

With 80+ years of experience in ammonia technologies and integrated process solutions, you can diversify your product portfolio and deliver production capacity at a second-to-none performance.

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