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Give low-grade waste a high-grade purpose

For better or worse, plastic isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. And until it’s no longer needed, we’ll need better solutions for its production, recycling, and reuse. With this tough reality in mind, we’re committed to helping producers deliver on the world’s goals for circular plastic economy.

Where others might see garbage, we see gold. From landfills to tire-disposal lots, we see a world packed with opportunities for more sustainable plastic. With technology that can transform your pyrolysis oil directly into high-purity naphtha – a critical building block of plastic – we can reshape an entire industry for the better.

What’s more, we can do it sooner. Topsoe’s plastic-upcycling solution, PureStepTM,  can integrate easily and effectively with your existing operation. This means you can quickly monetize pyrolysis oil in pursuit of a better purpose than carbon-heavy fuel. That’s good business in more than one way, so let’s act now to transform the way the world looks at waste.

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We wish to be transparent about our contributions towards solving global challenges and how we conduct our business in a responsible and sustainable manner. Since 2018, we have published an annual sustainability report, detailing our work and performance on the material sustainability issues for our business.  

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