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Imagine a decarbonized future without today’s transport industries. If it sounds impossible, that’s because it is: even in a sustainable world, planes need to fly, trucks need to drive, and ships need to sail. And since they’re tough to electrify, they all still need fuel. This means producers will need sustainable solutions – not only for the production of that fuel, but for the chemistry behind the fuel, itself.

Electrofuels, or “eFuels”, are the answer; the synthetic, carbon-neutral result of blending hydrogen and CO2 in an electrified environment, using one of several methods. With access to a power grid, electrified reactor or electrolyzer, and a steady supply of carbon dioxide, you can produce drop-in fuels that are ready for use.

Whether you need to supply diesel, jet fuel, or gasoline, you can count on us to help. We already offer the market’s broadest and most effective portfolio for eFuel synthesis, and we’re working to improve your capabilities from one year to the next. After all, the sustainable future can’t run on miracles.

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