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It’s coming: The call for better use of our world’s resources grows louder day by day. And what better use is there than reuse? To reuse is to renew; to renew is to revitalize.

It’s moving: If you are a petrochemical company, discerning consumer demands and tightening legislation are challenging your core business. And if you are a refiner, you are looking for a way to decarbonize your operations and protect your business. Plastics produced from virgin fossil feedstocks are not going to be sustainable for the planet — or for your bottom line. It’s arrived: PureStep™, the solution to reduce waste and expand your business.

PureStep™: A future-proof plan

Stay rational among these waves of dramatic change. PureStep™ allows you to turn mixed waste — that would otherwise end up in landfill or incinerated — into drop-in feedstock for steam cracking. The result is a premium circular plastic product. In doing so, you can future proof your business, decarbonize operations, and contribute to the global fight against waste. Big or small; grassroots or revamp, Topsoe will be there for you all the way. Growing your business, now and in the future? That’s Pure Logic.

Pure Value

Get the early adopter advantage. Be a leader in the reuse revolution and feel the benefits of an enhanced brand reputation: both to consumers and potential clients.

By creating a premium new output, you can meet your CSR goals, diversify your product portfolio, and bring in a tidy profit.

Quality: again, and again, and again.

Get consistent quality in an unlimited number of recycling loops. No matter how many times the plastic is recycled, PureStep™ technology from Topsoe can purify the feedstock to the same standard, so you can consistently meet steam cracker requirements. You could also produce food- and medical-grade plastics.

Renovation and resilience

And, just like the waste, your business’ assets can be reused too. If you have a refinery, we can get going with a revamp of your current setup to accommodate PureStep™, eliminating the expense of a new grassroots plant. Or, if you are a petrochemical company, you can use the technology to take immediate control of your value chain and stay resilient against fluctuating feedstock prices.

Don’t let good profit go to waste. With a clear trend towards more sustainable products and packaging already in full flight, your business could make an investment in an area where demand will surely only grow. Let’s tackle the plastic waste problem head-on. Let’s work together on a solution which delivers a premium feed for steam crackers from mixed plastic waste and phases out fossil plastic. Let’s create Pure Value.


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