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    ISO 14001:2015 certificate for environmental management for the catalyst production in Frederikssund, Denmark
    Responsible Care® certificate [Coming soon]
    Our production plant in Bayport, Texas, US is currently preparing for Responsible Care® certification
    ISO 9001:2015 certificate for catalyst production in Frederikssund, Denmark
    ISO 9001:2015 certificate for catalyst production in Bayport, US
    ISO 45001 certificate for Health & Safety management for catalyst production, Frederikssund



    At Topsoe, we are committed to ensuring that our own environmental impacts are continually reduced and always kept within the limits of applicable regulations and permits. We conduct our daily operations in an environmentally sound way by ensuring safe handling of the chemicals we work with, by reducing waste and emissions, and by using resources and energy in the most efficient way possible. Our health, safety and environmental management systems are based on international standards such as ISO and Responsible Care®.

    • Resource efficiency & emissions management
      We are committed to efficient use of resources and thorough emissions management. Our ambition is to achieve net zero GHG emissions in our operations within this decade (i.e. scope 1 and 2). 
    • Chemical footprint management
      Our efforts related to minimizing our use of hazardous chemicals is an integrated component of the product development system at Topsoe. We have a well-functioning management system in place ensuring that all chemicals imported by us are received, maintained, and documented in compliance with applicable international and national regulations and requirements, thus facilitating a high level of protection for human health and the environment. 
    • Resiliency in minerals sourcing
      The transition toward clean energy could unleash unprecedented global demand for some metals and minerals in the coming decades, potentially resulting in supply constraints and large price increases. In our operations we strive toward efficient use of raw materials and increased recycling of production waste, and we are also exploring possible pathways for ensuring a more sustainable approach to handling catalysts that have reached end of life.
    Read more in our Sustainability Report



    We are dedicated to creating a great place to work for our people. They are integral to the success of Topsoe. A safe, fair, equal, and respectful work environment provides a solid foundation for engagement and well-being for our employees and contributes toward a high-performing organization. Developing a high-performance culture to reach our ambitious targets is reliant on engaged and motivated employees. Our aim for 2024, is to be in the top 25% of the industry benchmark within employee engagement.

    • Safety, well-being & fair working conditions
      In Topsoe, we aspire toward 'Zero Harm’. Our health, safety and environmental management systems are based on international standards such as ISO and Responsible Care®.

      Read our Global Health & Safety Policy

    • Inclusive & diverse workplace
      Topsoe strives for a diverse and inclusive work environment where everyone thrives and where we can harness the business benefits of different perspectives, backgrounds and experiences. We have zero tolerance on harassment and discrimination. Our aim is to have 30% women in management positions by 2024.

      Read our Global Diversity Policy

    • Responsible sourcing
      We pursue a responsible and balanced approach to our supply base and seek to integrate commercial, risk, and quality aspects as well as social, environmental, and ethical responsibility. To create the best foundation for ensuring strong and ethical supply chains, we expect our suppliers to commit to our standards of responsible business conduct as iterated in Topsoe’s Supplier Code of Conduct.

      Read our Supplier Code of Conduct


    Doing good for others is a strong company value. Every year, Topsoe allocates 0.1% of its annual revenue to global and local donations and community engagement activities.

    Read more about our partnerships in our Sustainability Report



    Acting responsibly in all aspects of our business is a fundamental value at Topsoe. We are committed to performing our activities in a compliant, transparent, and responsible manner. We lead our company based on good governance practices and have implemented governance and business structures to ensure that our customers, owners, business partners and other stakeholders can always trust us.

    • Code of Conduct
      External regulations and business-related expectations are monitored and implemented through the Topsoe Code of Conduct and related policies, procedures and processes. We reinforce our standards through mandatory compliance training for all employees.

      Learn more about our Code of Conduct and sustainability-related policies

    • Compliance Hotline
      Our Compliance Hotline provides employees and other stakeholders with a channel for reporting concerns of unethical or unlawful behavior, also anonymously.

      Report a concern through the Topsoe Compliance Hotline

    • Compliance management, due diligence, and business ethics
      We have established a comprehensive compliance management system for our global operations, which ensures that we uphold high ethical standards for all our business activities. We are committed to always working against any type of corruption, bribery, fraud, or anti-competitive behavior. We perform compliance due diligence on several business partners as well as risk assessments based on the findings. The privacy of individuals is important to us, and we are continuously adapting our processes to comply with privacy regulations that apply to our business.
      Topsoe has a responsible, transparent, and consistent approach to all tax matters.

      Read our Tax Policy

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