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Bayonet reformer (SMR-b)

Our bayonet reformer SMR-b combines the novel properties of convection and radiant heat transfer in one steam reformer.

The development and introduction of the SMR-b is a result of TOPSOE™’s continuous striving towards more energy efficient ways of producing hydrogen by steam reforming of hydrocarbon feed stocks.

  • SMR-b consists of bayonet reformer tubes in a furnace box heated by radiant wall burners
  • SMR-b provides hydrogen production with minimum hydrocarbon consumption and low steam export
  • SMR-b is environmental friendly with low fuel consumption, low NOx and CO2 emissions
  • Improved heat utilization in the SMR-b, significantly reduces the amount of burners, while maintaining the unique possibility of adjusting the tube temperature profile
  • SMR-b operates at high heat fluxes providing capital cost savings for medium to large hydrogen plants

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