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Catalytic dewaxing

Significant cold flow improvement

The cold flow properties of higher end-point feeds, tight oils, or renewable feeds need to be carefully managed in diesel hydrotreaters operating in cold regions or winter seasons.

The freezing point of paraffin in the upper ULSD boiling range is critical because it determines cold flow properties and can cause the ULSD to go off-spec due to wax crystallization. TOPSOE™ offers a state-of-the-art isomerization dewaxing technology for design of grassroot units or revamp of existing diesel hydrotreating units. These properties can be calibrated and improved through a process called catalytic dewaxing.

Business value
TOPSOE™’s dewaxing technology radically reduces the yield loss of the diesel fraction by as much as 30% compared to conventional dewaxing technologies. Our dewaxing reactors are resistant to contamination and can be installed upstream from existing hydrotreaters in a configuration that only slightly raises hydrogen consumption.

Our latest catalytic dewaxing technology delivers a flexible solution for meeting the growing demand for high-value products that meet the demands of specified cold flow property ranges – and increase refinery earnings.

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