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Coal tar processing

From by-product to profitable product

Coke oven tar is a big headache for many refineries. It is a low-value by-product that is difficult and expensive to dispose of in a responsible way.

The cure
TOPSOE™’s antidote to coal tar headaches is a processing technology that enables refineries to process tar from ovens and gasifiers and turn it into valuable products, like low-sulfur diesel, naphtha, or lubricating oils.

Being able to handle wide variations in tar properties, the entire process takes place right on site and processes tar into high-quality products for commercial sale.

An innovative alternative
As feedstocks continue to get heavier, TOPSOE™’s solutions give refiners a proven, fully integrated solution for turning coal tar and squeezing more value from their operations.

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Søren Selde Enevoldsen

Søren Selde Enevoldsen

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