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G2L™ technology

Produce clean synthetic fuels with the only single-point Gas-to-Liquids license

Build an end-to-end Gas-to-Liquids plant through a single license and monetize your energy resources. Our unique Single Point Licensing solution enables conversion of gas to clean liquid fuel, allowing you to maximize the value output from natural gas, methane rich gas, biogas, water and electricity reserves.

The G2LTM process combines and integrates four technologies from TOPSOE™ and Sasol to optimize performance, minimize carbon footprint, improve yields and provide a reliable solution - all at a competitive cost.

It’s possible to produce the following premium output:

  • Diesel & eDiesel. Clean burning with low NOx, SOx, particulate matter
  • Kerosene/jet fuel & eJet fuel. Clean burning with low NOx, SOx, particulate matter and contrail formation
  • Naphtha & eNaptha. Premium cracker feedstock containing no metals or aromatics

An end-to-end solution

Using our Single Point License gives the following benefits:

  • Fully integrated design. G2LTM offers a single license to build and operate a fully integrated large-scale plant.
  • Integrated guarantees. Streamline execution, increase energy efficiency and ensure reliable production with an integrated offering solution.
  • Commercially proven. Rest assured: our technologies have been proven in the field over many years.
  • Bankable. Reduce project risks and increase the likelihood of securing project funding

The G2L™ process - a completely integrated clean synthetic fuel solution

The G2LTM process from TOPSOE™ and Sasol is an industry-recognized solution to convert methane-rich gas, CO2 and renewable electricity to clean liquid fuels.

The commercially proven G2LTM offering, has served customers around the world for years in transforming natural gas into a range of high-quality fuels and chemical products.

How G2L™ works

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The traditional, natural gas based; G2LTM process offered by the Single Point License consists of the following main processing units:

TOPSOE™ syngas generation by SynCOR™

  • Reforming technology converting methane-rich gas to carbon monoxide and hydrogen, the two key syngas components required by the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis process.

Sasol LTFTTM synthesis

  • A catalytic process converting the carbon monoxide and hydrogen into long chain molecules.

TOPSOE™ hydroprocessing

  • Breaks down the longer-chained molecules, isomerizes and saturates the molecules to produce desired end-products like jet fuel, diesel and naphtha.

TOPSOE™ hydrogen

  • Hydrogen is required for the hydroprocessing and syngas processes, and technologies are available to produce low carbon emission hydrogen.

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