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HydroFlex™ technology

The reliable way to add full feedstock flexibility to your refinery

New legislation aimed at reducing emissions is affecting the refinery industry on a global scale. One way of meeting these demands is to add the ability to process renewable feedstocks to your refinery.

From tallow to tall oil, our proven HydroFlex™ technology gives you full feedstock flexibility. So you can transform almost any renewable feedstock into drop-in, ultra-low sulfur gasoline, jet fuel or diesel. No matter what type or quality of feedstock you use, with HydroFlex™ the result is consistently high-grade, clean fuel.

Best of all, your renewable feedstock does not replace fossil feedstock, but runs alongside it. In effect, you are adding greater diversity, capacity and the opportunity for growth to your refinery – and your business.

HydroFlex™ fuel outperforms the rest
Renewable feedstocks offer you several advantages over first-generation FAME (fatty acid methyl esters) or conventional non-renewable feedstocks. In the table below , you can compare the key attributes of fuels produced from conventional, FAME and HydroFlex™ technologies.

  Conventional diesel 1st generation diesel FAME Renewable diesel
Cetane 40-55 50-60 70-80
Cold flow properties ++ + +++
Blend in - max. 7% 0-100%
Market value ++ + ++++

We have been developing and refining our HydroFlex™ technology since 2004 in anticipation of these new market trends. As a result, you can find many HydroFlex™ units running alongside conventional units all over the world.

No two refineries or feedstock supply chains are the same. That’s why we made sure we developed a flexible system. Each HydroFlex™ unit can be tailored to the specific needs and specifications of your refinery, location and business. From grassroots units to revamps for co-processing or standalone applications, HydroFlex™ enables you to hydro-treat almost any kind of renewable oil. Giving you the opportunity to win greater market share. And grow your business.

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