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IMAP Methanol+™

Let your methanol plant profit from serving ammonia on the side

imapmethanolchartIt features a streamlined layout with no shift or CO2 removal unit to minimize investment costs while still enabling co-production of ammonia and methanol. The methanol synthesis process is once-through at high pressure. The ammonia capacity depends on your feedstock composition, and minor capacity adjustments can be made by adding a CO2 PSA unit for CO2 removal.

Our IMAP Methanol+™ process design is intended for use where methanol is the main product, ammonia is the co-product, and no need to produce urea is expected. Ammonia production capacity ranges from 25 to 35 percent.


  • Self-sufficient in steam and power
  • Low specific energy consumption (SEC)
  • No need to invest in Air Separation Unit or CO2 removal unit
  • Less maintenance thanks to fewer rotating parts
  • No CO2 removal means savings on chemicals
  • No HTS or LTS CO conversion means savings on catalyst
  • Higher on-stream factor

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