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Methanol | Synthesis

Topsoe’s methanol synthesis process is the simplest, and the most effective solution available on the market. Designed to synthesize methanol at the lowest possible cost and with the lowest possible impact on the environment, the process relies on our ultra-efficient tubular boiling water reactor (BWR) design.

How it works
With our BWR design, the catalyst is loaded into tubes, which are cooled from the shell side by boiling water. The water efficiently removes the heat in an almost isothermal path and at conditions close to the maximum rate of reaction. This design ensures high conversion per reactor pass, higher catalyst space velocity and a lower recycle ratio – all in a small footprint package that is designed for scalability.

The MK-151 FENCE™ methanol synthesis catalyst delivers industry leading performance and stability, resulting in production gains over the catalyst lifetime that will enable you to far exceed your initial target. MK-151 FENCE™ is designed to be very selective. Combined with the excellent temperature control achieved by our BWR, this enables you limit the formation of undesirable by-products to a minimum level. Reducing the byproduct formation not only improve your feedstock utilization but it also reduces your energy consumption in the downstream distillation section. 

Benefits include:

  • Very cost-effective
  • High energy-efficiency
  • High plant availability
  • Small footprint
  • Scalability
  • Ease of operation 

For the experience factor 
Topsoe’s methanol synthesis process comes with years of industrial experiences and tailor-made solutions to meet your specific needs. The synergy of our knowledge within process engineering, high performing catalyst, and industry leading technical services bring you the most reliable plant design in market. 

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Asad Navid

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