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Producing the synthesis gas (syngas) needed for methanol synthesis accounts for up to 60% of the operating costs of a typical methanol plant. This makes efficient and reliable syngas generation a critical factor in your plant design and overall plant profitability.

Syngas production involves converting natural gas to a suitable stoichiometric syngas in the syngas generation section of your methanol plant. The conversion is normally carried out via tubular steam methane reforming (SMR), autothermal reforming (ATR), or a combination of these processes. To increase capacity or improve methanol reforming efficiency, these processes are sometimes combined with heat-exchange reforming, adiabatic pre-reforming and other technologies.

Whichever process you choose, it must be highly efficient and reliable to ensure profitable operation. The following Topsoe processes are designed specifically to help you maximize efficiency without compromising on reliability.

SynCOR technology

An efficient and reliable technology, Topsoe SynCOR consists of a pre-reformer followed by an autothermal reformer. Both components operate at a uniquely low steam-to-carbon ratio (≤ 0.6). The low ratio means energy savings, smaller methanol production equipment, and a smaller environmental footprint for your plant.

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Steam reforming

Steam methane reforming (SMR) is a more conventional method for converting natural gas to syngas. Our side-fired SMR design features flexible tube-wall temperature control, which offers multiple benefits. It enables operators to adjust the firing to maintain the desired temperature and reduce the risk of hot bands and potential tube rapture. It also allows for operation with lowest possible variation of tube temperature, leading to increased conversion of methane to syngas.

These benefits make Topsoe SMR solutions some of the most widely used in the industry today.

Exchange reforming

Exchange reforming is a convenient and affordable method for adding extra capacity to your syngas generation unit. We offer several exchange reforming technologies that enable you to utilize waste heat and/or waste gas to boost capacity. One such technology is our HTER technology, which uses thermal energy in your reformer effluent to increase reforming capacity. Another is our HTCR technology, which adds reforming capacity using heat generated by natural gas, LPG, naphtha or off-gas.

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Adiabatic prereforming

Adiabatic prereforming helps you maximize efficiency and boost reforming capacity using waste heat. Our adiabatic prereforming technology relies on the Topsoe AR-series catalyst. This catalyst features high resistance to carbon formation and a proven ability to operate with a steam-to-carbon ratio below 0.6. All this means greater flexibility, improved safety and lower energy consumption.

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