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Sulfur removal | Flue gas treatment

2000x650 Application Flue gas treatment

Lower your carbon footprint with a cost-effective FGD alternative

Flue gas treatment has always been a challenging field for refineries and power plants. While conventional flue gas desulfurization (FGD) methods effectively treat flue gas, they have high operating costs, consume a great deal of limestone, produce vast amounts of gypsum, and are expensive to operate.

Our flue gas treatment solution, SNOX™, helps you overcome FGD’s common challenges by recovering sulfur as commercial-grade sulfuric acid, instead of as gypsum. SNOX™ reduces compliance costs, avoids waste generation, and creates a cost-effective alternative to conventional FGD.

SNOX™ can also remove NOx, particulates, and mercury from the flue gas. At the same time, the high energy efficiency of SNOX™ gives you an opportunity to increase energy production and lower your carbon footprint.

Protect your profit with a cost-effective flue gas treatment solution

With our solutions and services, you gain the know-how and technology needed to remove sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and particulates from flue gases. Pave the way for new business opportunities, enhance your energy efficiency, and lower your carbon footprint with flue gas treatment solutions that solve challenges and create opportunities for your business.

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