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Sulfur removal | Spent acid regeneration

2000x650 Application Spent acid regeneration

Maximize profits and sustainability with advanced Spent Acid Regeneration technology 

Spent acid management poses significant challenges for the refining and chemical industries. Environmental regulations limit your disposal options, making outsourcing costly and inefficient. Even more — refiners must balance the need to increase octane numbers with cost constraints. With Topsoe SmartSAR™ technology, spent acid regeneration can be achieved efficiently and effectively.

Benefits of using Topsoe SmartSAR™ include: 

  • Ability to regenerate spent acid without drying, resulting in better energy efficiency and no waste acid or wastewater.
  • Reduced costs due to on-site acid
  • No waste and a lower carbon footprint for improved sustainability and reputation

Conventional spent acid regeneration units require costly and time-consuming scrubbing, washing, and drying processes to remove impurities and water vapor after incineration of the spent acid. Our SmartSAR™ technology uses a hot gas filter to remove impurities without cooling down the gas, making the process more energy-efficient and cost effective.

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