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Sulfur removal | Spent acid regeneration

2000x650 Application Spent acid regeneration

Beyond the standard spent acid regeneration (SAR)

Environmental regulations greatly limit what refiners can do with their spent acid and hiring external parties to take care of it is both costly and inefficient. Refiners also face the challenge of increasing octane numbers while keeping costs down. Sulfuric acid catalyzed alkylation is often part of the solution, but alkylation produces polluted spent acid that must be regenerated. The most optimal solution is an efficient and effective Spent Acid Regeneration solution.
Not all SAR units are alike. Conventional SAR units require scrubbing, washing, and drying processes to take impurities and water vapor out of the gas after incineration of the spent acid. These processes can be costly and time-consuming for refiners.
But with Topsoe SmartSARTM technology, you can regenerate spent acid without using a drying process. This is done using a hot gas filter, which takes out dust and impurities without cooling down the gas and wasting energy. The result is a better energy economy and no waste acid or wastewater.

Protect your profit with cost-effective spent acid treatment solutions

With our solutions and services, you gain the know-how and technology needed to regenerate spent acid via a waste-free, energy-efficient process. Regenerating spent acid, yourself also reduces costs and third-party involvement. Eliminate waste and lower your carbon footprint with spent acid treatment solutions that solve challenges.

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