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Sulfur removal | Sulfur recovery

2000x650 Application Sulfur recovery

Complete on-site sulfur recovery 

If you are looking for solutions to help you stay on top of sulfur recovery efficiency, Topsoe's sulfur recovery technologies are a great place to start. 

As sulfur emissions standards tighten worldwide, oil and natural gas operations face challenges balancing profitability and compliance. Our solutions can turn these challenges into valuable opportunities.

How Topsoe sulfur recovery works 

By choosing Topsoe's sulfur recovery solutions, you can convert sulfur containing streams such as acid gas, sour water stripping (SWS) gas and others into commercial-grade concentrated sulfuric acid or high-quality elemental sulfur. This ensures compliance, opens new business opportunities, and enhances energy efficiency. Plus, you will do your part to protect the environment and meet sustainability goals by reducing your carbon footprint.

Topsoe offers two sulfur recovery solutions:

  • For elemental sulfur production, TopClaus® offers outstanding reliability and the industry’s lowest investment and operation costs, ensuring high sulfur recovery and a boost to your bottom line.

  • For sulfuric acid production, WSA technology is the market leader in energy efficiency, generating useful high-pressure superheated steam while lowering your carbon footprint.

Both solutions are highly applicable to the oil and gas industry, which is subject to strict environmental regulations. By implementing these solutions, companies can ensure compliance with these regulations while boosting profitability and creating new revenue streams.    

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