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Making the energy transition happen

Our vision is to become
the global leader in carbon
emission reduction technologies
by 2024.

Our strategy will make sure
that we support our customers'
decarbonization journey, address
climate change, and grow our business.


The way we MAKE, MOVE, and POWER the world today all have a massive carbon footprint. Every year, global society adds 51 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. Efforts need to be accelerated if we are to achieve the climate goals of the Paris Agreement and limit global warming. Decarbonizing the so-called hard-to-abate sectors is essential for the realization of a net-zero carbon economy by 2050.

Topsoe is committed to developing technology that helps address climate change in hard-to-abate sectors. Our traditional business for more than 80 years provides a strong platform for helping industries reduce their carbon emissions. In some sectors, such as long-haul transport and chemicals, it is proving difficult to achieve the carbon emission reductions needed as these sectors cannot be easily electrified today.

Topsoe is one of the very few companies that possess both the expertise and the technologies needed to transform renewable power, biomass, and waste into low-carbon and zero-carbon fuels and chemicals – and carbon capture technology to reduce carbon emissions


Our vision and strategy build on a strong scientific foundation with more than 80 years of research and development (R&D), and a deep-rooted passion for science. Our leading-edge research enables us to develop the solutions needed to power a sustainable future.

  • We generally reinvest 8-9% of our revenue in R&D every year
  • Around 350 employees are dedicated to R&D in both Denmark and India
  • Since 1950, Topsoe has contributed to 1,728 publications and has an overall Topsoe H-index of 157, demonstrating scientific leadership amongst industrial peers

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