G2L™ eFuels technology

Monetize your renewable energy and sustainable CO2 with eFuels production

The G2LTM eFuels solution lets you produce sustainable synthetic fuels and chemicals from green hydrogen and CO2.

With our unique Single Point Licensing solution, you get a feed-in to product-out integrated solution based on leading technologies from TOPSOE™ and Sasol. We also provide a proven process to help you optimize performance, minimize carbon footprint, improve yields and provide a reliable solution.

With the G2LTM eFuels solution you can produce several types of in-demand fuels, and much of the required infrastructure, certification and legislation is already in place.

Produce the following premium output:

  • eDiesel. Clean burning with low NOx, SOx, and particulate matter emissions
  • eJet fuel/eKerosene. Clean burning with low NOx, SOx, particulate matter emissions, and reduced contrail formation
  • eNaptha. Premium cracker feedstock containing no metals or aromatics used as sustainable feedstock in the chemical industry

An end-to-end solution

Using our Single Point License gives the following benefits:

  • Fully integrated design. The G2LTM eFuels solution offers a single license to build and operate a fully integrated fuels production plant.
  • Integrated guarantees. Streamline execution, increase energy efficiency, and ensure reliable production with an integrated solution.
  • Reliable production. The G2LTM eFuels solution is built on proven technologies combined with breakthrough sustainable technologies.
  • Bankable. Reduce project risks and increase the likelihood of securing project funding

The G2L™ eFuels process - an integrated solution

The commercially proven G2LTM offering has served energy companies around the world for years, in transforming natural gas into a range of high-quality fuels and chemical products.

With the G2LTM eFuels solution, these well-known processes are combined with breakthrough technologies for producing sustainable liquid fuels: from renewable energy via green hydrogen, and from CO2 via carbon capture.

How the G2L™ eFuels solution works

With TOPSOE™ and Sasol, you get a feed-in to product-out integrated solution based on leading technologies which can be adapted to specific product needs.

G2L eFuels figur

TOPSOE™ eREACTTM Fuels technology: CO2 and hydrogen to syngas

For years, the TOPSOE™ SynCORTM technology has been the reliable and optimal choice for Gas-to-Liquids plants using natural gas feedstock. This technology is adapted to convert CO2 and hydrogen through our two-step RWGS (Reverse Water Gas Shift) process; a fully commercialized process that gives high conversion rates.

With the novel eREACTTM Fuels technology, the process is further electrified, meaning syngas can be produced from renewable energy, water and CO2 in a very compact reactor, providing:

  • High conversion rates and syngas quality
  • High overall carbon efficiency +95%
  • Low consumption of hydrogen
  • Elimination of flue gas

Sasol LTFTTM: Synthesis solution

The commercially proven Sasol Low Temperature Fischer TropschTM technology (Sasol LTFTTM) relies on a catalytic process to convert carbon monoxide and hydrogen to long-chain, largely paraffinic molecules. These are ideally suited for producing synthetic kerosene for jet fuel and diesel fuels. The technology and catalyst are in commercial operation in various plants across the globe.

TOPSOE™ Hydroprocessing: Upgrading Fischer Tropsch liquid to eFuel

The TOPSOE™ hydroprocessing unit breaks down the long chain molecules while saturating and isomerizing to produce final products of exceptional quality. The required product slate can be tailored to market needs.


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