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Unconventional feeds | Coal tar processing

A low-value by-product that is difficult and costly to dispose of, coal tar is a headache for most coke oven sites.

Topsoe’s coal tar processing technology offers the possibility of on-site tar upgrading from coke ovens and coal gasifiers to high-quality, low-sulfur diesel, naphtha, and lube oil base. The process can accommodate the wide property variations observed for coal tar due to the origin of the coal or the specific coking process and ensure a flexible and profitable solution - fit for purpose.

Topsoe’s coal tar processing technology is an integrated solution, encompassing reactor internals, grading material, catalyst, process design and detailed reactor engineering. With this extensive product portfolio, you only have one point of contact which saves time and ensures a truly integrated solution.

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Søren Selde Enevoldsen

Søren Selde Enevoldsen

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