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Unconventional feeds | Fischer-Tropsch wax upgrading

Traditionally considered a waste product and often burnt off in pollution-causing gas flares, associated, stranded, shale gas, and similar gases can now be monetized by conversion into saleable transportation fuels in a Fischer-Tropsch (FT)-based gas-to-liquid (GTL) plant.

Topsoe’s unique proprietary autothermal reforming (ATR) technology is the market-leading technology for syngas production at GTL plants. Tailored Topsoe catalysts and process designs help plants upgrade the product of FT synthesis by hydrotreating of the liquid fraction. This is done to improve stability and hydrocracking/isomerization of the heavy, waxy fraction when the objective is conversion into clean transportation fuels. Dewaxing may also be required to improve cold-flow properties due to the inherent paraffinic nature of FT products. The result is additional high-quality products for sale and lower overall emissions. 

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